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You need a unique, eye-catching website- let me design one for you! I will work carefully with you to build an online presence that will address the needs of both your business and your customers.
Maintenance takes time and know-how; I can keep your website up to date and running for you while you focus on your business. Whether it's a one-time addition or on-going updates, I can help you keep your site fresh and engaging.
Domain Registration
Not ready for a website, but need a domain name? A domain name is more than just a website, a domain name is a way to secure your spot on the World Wide Web!
Using your branded domain name, you can also have branded email! I can help you select a domain name that will brand your communications- imagine!
Web Hosting
Need a reliable host to run your website? I can put together a hosting package that will fulfill your needs and still leave room to grow.
Does your website need a fresh look? A re-design is a lot like a fresh coat of paint- your customers will see your business with fresh eyes and renewed interest. Let's work together to update your look and get your customers talking!
Have photos to add to your existing website? I can maximize those images which means faster load times for your website.
Social Media
Need to make a splash on Facebook or Twitter? I can manage your social media experience, and get your followers talking!
Don't sit back and wait for the search engines to find your website- Let's make it happen! I can work with you to create a Search Engine Optimization campaign that fits your budget!
WordPress is for blogging- and so much more.  Let me help you set up a WordPress account, for online journaling, keeping in touch with family, even fr business.

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