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Piks Clicks and Fabulous Funtography - Patti Ryan is a Northern Minnesota photographer who has a unique ability to capture those fleeting moments of happiness. She needs a website that focuses on her photos and the emotions they convey. The site is database driven to make updating a simple matter of plugging the image names into an online form.

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Itascatur - Itascatur Ski, Bike and Run Club is a group formed to promote physically healthy, non-motorized outdoor recreational activity in the Hubbard County area. The group's website needs to provide club members and community members with information about events sponsored by Itascatur. The group has recently been participating in exploring social media as a means to spread the word about their popular sanctioned events. The group has also committed to going green, moving their event registrations online.

Status: Active

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R & D Resort, Osage, MN- R & D Resort is a family owned resort operating in it's 60th year. Their old website was suffering from the stagnancy that afflicts many sites- old pictures and outdated information. Their website needed a new look and more functionality. We were able to come up with a design that reflects the Northwoods surroundings, inviting visitors to look around the resort and see what ammenities it has to offer.

Status: Active

Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission Screenshot

Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission- The HCREDC works to create jobs in Hubbard County by facilitating the placement of and encouraging business. The commission partners with an online database service that, once populated with relevant data, provides statistics to potential companies. The goal is to merge the HCREDC website seamlessly with the database, presenting a cohesive design that doesn't send the viewer to various websites, potentially getting lost and losing the interest to pursue their quest for information.

Status: Active

Bemidji Headwaters Driving School Screenshot

Bemidji Headwaters Driving School- Bemidji Headwaters Driving School is using the accessibility of the web to communicate to its core demographic- teen drivers. In an age where more and more searches for businesses are performed on cell phones, it's becoming critical to get your business presence online.

Status: Active screenshot Pilot Riding is a subscription video website about horse training. Jamie Novak is focused on training the rider as well as the horse and offers her years of training and insight to subscribers. makes use of an off-site video storage facility and password-protected data to offer its subscribers the utmost in security and ease of use.

Status: Active

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